Saturday, September 28, 2013

Day#18 of the Kindness Challenge

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The first duty of love is to listen. --Paul Tillich 

Day 18: Make Time To Listen To Someone

The Idea: Each day we amass such a wealth of experience. Joy, sorrow, hope, wonder, fear, love, disappointment, inspiration ... there is so much that a single life contains, and sometimes the greatest gift we have to give -- is that of simply listening to each other. So today's challenge is to make time to listen to someone in your life. Focus on listening deeply, without judgment and with total presence, to whatever they have to share, whether it's about their current struggles, highest aspirations or whatever else may be bubbling to the surface in the moment. Because sometimes the humble act of listening can do more to serve than even the most well-intentioned advice. If you want to step-it-up, make a commitment to reach out to someone who you think could use a listening ear each week. 

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