Sunday, June 28, 2009

WalMart Quickie

Thanks to Amy in Orlando for the $1/1 popsicle Q's!
I found these babies at WalMart today for $1 each - $1/1 Q = FREE for me!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Remember on June 4th when I told you ....

that I won $5 and you could too! Well, I got my $5 from Cheerios one day this week. Remember to keep playing here. Plus, the same day, I also got my $10 Proctor & Gamble rebate check.

Fabulous Friday Finds

Made a quick trip to Target because I had $5 GC left from last week's Breyers Ice Cream deal.
This week if you buy 4 Lipton Tea's ($2.50 ea) you got back $5 GC and since I had $1/1 Q's thanks to Amy in Orlando, of course I had to get some.
$2.50 x 4 = $10 - $4 Q's -$5 GC = $1.40 O.O.P. including tax plus got back $5 GC

2nd transaction

2 Kelloggs cereals ($2.40 ea. - $1.50 Q)
5 x poptarts (B4G1FREE - 5 x .55 Q on sale $2.33 ea)
4 x Eggo BakeShops ($1.50 - $1/1 Q)
2 gallons milk ($2.09 ea - 2 x $1 wyb oreos)
2 x Oreo ($2.79 ea - $1/2 Target Q)
2 x Solo plates ($1.50 - $1/1 Q)
2 x Pictureka ($6.89 - $5 Q )
2 x Edy's Icecream ($1.19 - $1/1 Target Q)
Used the $5 Lipton GC so total O.O.P. = 21.28

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Thank you Target!!!!

Free Breyers Ice Cream!
on sale at Target $2.50 each + buy 5 get a $5 Gift Card back
I did this transaction three times using $1.50/1 Breyers & $1.25/1 Klondike
Thanks Amy in Orlando for helping make this deal possible. :)
Other notable deals this week that I took advantage of (no pic avail):
Buy one Oscar Mayer luncheon meat & one pkg Kraft cheese slice get a free OM lunch meat,
Buy one Skippy P.B. & one Welch's jelly get one free Arnold bread, and Buy 5 Keebler cookies and get a $5 gift card. Also, buy DiGiorno pizza get a free 2 liter Coca-Cola product (I got 4 with $1.25/1 pizza + 2 cokes & 2 sprite = a real treat in our house as we don't normally buy soda). With coupons on hand for most of these products I was able to stock up!
O.M. hotdogs $1.59 per package ($1/2 mfg. Q + $1/2 store Q = 4 packs for me)
& Ritz Crackers $2 a box ($1/1 Q x 4 ).
Just wished I had taken a pic of all these goodies to show you.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Mail bag goodies today!

2 x Free Candy Bar Q's and
FTD $15 Rewards certificate
$10 GC to BP for FREE gas courtesy of MyPoints.
If you would like a referral to MyPoints so that you can start earning free Gift Cards please leave me a comment I will be glad to hook you up!
For your free chocolate check out the chocolate relief act :

What is Real Chocolate Relief?
Mars only uses Real Chocolate—that means it’s made with 100%, pure cocoa butter. Come back to every Friday through September to get a Free* Real Chocolate coupon for your favorite Mars brand. If it’s Mars, you know it’s Real Chocolate.
* Limit: 250,000 Coupons per Friday (9:00:00AM ET to 11:59:59PM ET). See terms and conditions for details.

FREE T.P. at Krogers

using .50/1 any Angel Soft --- sale 10/$10 = FREE

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Couple of Good Deals!

Target - $2.28 O.O.P.
using $1.50/1 Q Glade candle = .19 each and
$1/1 Q Pantene (double packs clearanced $1.75) - .75 each
Walgreens - .28 O.O.P.
using store Q .99 for the deo + $1 Mfg. Q
So, what good deals have you found this week?

Thursday, June 4, 2009

I just won $5 and maybe you can too!

check out Win cash every 10 minutes from General Mills . If you don't have a code you can click "don't have a code" and use the one they provide.... this is what I used to win. Good Luck! Oh, and thanks to Amy in Orlando for this sweet tip.

Monday, June 1, 2009


I have been so busy chasing the kids lately that I just simply haven't had time to chase the deals. My coupons are in a mess right now and need some TLC. I cleaned out my stockpile and sold $250 worth at a yard sale so I now have the room to shop more. There are only a few things that I really need to concentrate on and one of them is Shampoo/Conditioner. Will try to post after Fridays shopping spree and see if there are any great deals to brag about. Hope everyone is having a great summer.