Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Excellent News!

Buy a Contour Ascentia Diabetes Monitor at Wa;greens this week using the current coupon (SAVE up to $30) this week on sale for $14.99 so makes the meter FREE but the kicker is when you buy one it prints a catalina for a FREE tube of 6 oz. Crest Pro-Health Toothpaste. Even better according to the Easy Saver Rebate catalog this month :
Buy Any FOUR (4) Oral-B CrossAction Pro Health Toothbrush, Crest
Pro-Health Toothpaste
6 oz., Mouthwash
1 Liter or Glide Deep
Clean Floss, Get $5
Back by Mail
Must Purchase FOUR (4).
Rebate Limit $5 on 4.
So buying 4 FREE monitors and getting 4 FREE toothpaste will qualify you for $5 ESR + if you add it to a store card you get an extra 10% so + $5.50 FREE money!

Monday, March 30, 2009

WalMart Deals today (3/30)
My friend Diann sent me the $5/1 Iams Q's to use for her little dog Cha Cha because she is in Maryland and couldn't find them there. Even if she had found them we both weren't sure how she would haul them home to Tn as her PTCruiser is already stuffed to the gills with all the deals she has gotten at Rite Aid and CVS.
So todays trip:
4 x Iams $5 (used $5/1 Q x 4)
4 x AirHead Xtremes .64 (used .55/1 Q x 4)
2 x True North $2.97 (used $1/1 Q x 2)
2 x Wrigley gum .96 (used FREE Q x 2)
Total after tax & Q's = $7.11
Our sales tax is so high its ridiculous!!!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


I received this buzz kit in the mail today from Buzzagent. Sometime back buzzagent contacted me and asked me to have my daughter (13) to register to do this campaign. She was extremely excited to do so. We weren't sure what to expect in the kit and were quite pleased to find that the kit included these two full size Clean & Clear products and a nice make-up bag. It also included three trial size packets of the make-up remover wipes and some coupons to share. We already buzzed two people and gave them each a trial packet and coupon.


Are you in need of a new purse? If so rush on over to Frugal and Fabulous and enter her contest to win a new M. Avery Designs shoulder bag. "Each bag is completely one of kind and uses 6 remnant pieces of upholstery fabric (3 in the front and 3 in the back), and the handles are made from leather fabric remnants so they will hold up to LOTS of wear and tear. The top of each bag is gathered so that the bottom is slightly larger than the top, creating gorgeous affect. Each is lined with vintage fabric and has a large open pocket inside and each closes with a large, strong magnetic snap. The leather strap is about 22" long and just long enough to wear over your shoulder, but not too long so you can carry it in your hand as well."

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

WAGs basket trip

My friend castingbread sent me a free item Q for any SCJohnson's new Nature Source product and I was lucky enough to find 2 more Garnier $1/1 Q's. I had loaned my coupons to my favorite cashier/beauty adviser at Walgreens and had arranged to pick them up at the store today..... so I stopped by WAGs to make the magic happen. I used my Easy Saver Rebate card to cover my OOP ($1.97) the good news is that the SC Johnson product is included in the ESR this month and will qualify me for $1 refund.

Magnificent Monday!

My friend Tngramma sent me some more $2/1 Gillette Q's (Thanks Diann).
I still had 4 Reach $1/1 Q's left and a free BC Fruit snack Q.
All this for a grand total of .90

Friday, March 20, 2009

Fantabulous Friday

Kroger's Mega Deal
Buy 10 participating products get $5 off your order.
I had a $5/3 Q for the wipes (they were part of the MD)
All the rest had $1 peelies attatched and ended up costing .19 -.50 each
(Oh yeah, the Q-tips were part of the MD too!)
Loaded up on these cheapies for my preacher's kids.

I had (4) .50/1 Purex
(3) $2/2 Stayfree Q's
I will be donating the stayfree to the food pantry.
(2) .50/1 Scotchbrite sponges
All of this was part of the MD!

I used:
.50/1 Cheerios + .60 Cellfire
.50/1 Chex Mix + .60 Cellfire
$1/1 Chex Mix
$1/2 Frito's
Got the Bugles for my oldest son as a special treat.

I used:
.70/1 Rice Krispee
.50/2 BC fruit snacks + .75 cellfire
(4) .50/1 Chex Mix
(2) .50/1 Nature Valley bars
(5) .35/1 Toaster Strudle
2 x Keebler cookies
1 x Oreo cookies
(2) FREE Totino pizza rolls
(2) .50/1 Country Crock
(2) $2/1 Bird's Eye meals for two
(2) FREE Bird's Eye rice kits
1 Eggo waffle

Grand Total $49.61
The head cashier checked me out and was none to happy with my savings!

CVS = $2.21
Todays total spent = $51.82

Thursday, March 19, 2009

FREE gas

I received my MIR from Proctor and Gamble for $15 in FREE gas.
That will go a long way to help the budget this week.

Wonderful Deals @ WAGs

Went to WAGs to do the Reach deal and got 2 bottles of Garnier plus a J&J body lotion. I used my rebate card to pay the balance of $2.35 ($6 RR back) and the cashier told me about a special markdown on the Tyson's Anytizers clearanced at .75 & .87 each so I ran home (5 minute drive) to grab my Tyson Q's and hurried back...... I was able to get these 8 boxes for $2.91 - which I used my rebate card to pay for.

So basically today at WAGs I spent $5.26 rebate GC and they paid me $6 for shopping so I made a small profit.

Terrific Thursday @ Target

13 Reach toothbrushes
4 Gillette body wash/shampoo's
5 Quaker granola snack bars
1 Contour monitor
paid $6.12 and got back $5 GC
so basically all this cost me $1.12

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

WalMart Quickie

Decided we wanted tacos for dinner and needed some milk and a few other things so I decided to run to WalMart.

$18.25 for all this:

eleven packs of razors
1 gallon milk
2 packs of gum
1 taco sauce
1 taco seasoning
1 cascade rinse agent
1 clean & clear blackhead eraser
3 Kotex
1 box fudge rounds (big)
2 Iams cat food
1 bag of chips
1 block of Mexican dipping cheese

Dollar Store finds:

I was out of trashbags so I ran to the Dollar General to grab some. While there I also snagged a few freebies. Total cost = $6.21

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Sorry forgot to take a picture but still sticking with my $100 per week and doing great.
This is my trip today:
4 pks of Huggies Diapers $8 ea -$5 Q (these were clearanced)
1 pk of Kroger Comfort Diapers $5.99 - $3 Q
1 pk of Kroger Comfort Wipes $2.50 - $1 Q
Just noticed on my receipt also got credit for shortcut $1.50 and cellfire $3 for the Huggies - great these are the the preacher's kid.
3 x lunchables $1 each
4 x Pillsbury Texas Toast $1.99 - .50 Q
4 x colgate toothbrushes $1.50 - .75 Q
3 x Kelloggs cereal $2.49 ea - $1 Q ea.
3 x kelloggs cereal $2.49 ea - .70 Q ea.
2 x ziploc sandwich bags $2.49 - $1/2 Q
3 x DH brownies $1.99 ea - .35 Q ea.
7 x Quaker rice Quakes .99 ea - $1Q ea.
1 x Chex mix bars $2.49 - .50 Q
cantelope $1
grapes $2.07
broccoli $2.00
2 LB bananas $1.10
2 x BC fruit roll ups $1.99 ea - $1 Q
2 x infinity $4.99 ea - $1 Q eaalso got credit for esaver $2
Tyson Chicken Breast $3.34
Pork Ribs (xtra lrg pk) $8.05qrt strawberries $2.00
total # items = 47
total savings = $109.15
Balance with tax = $64.59

Thursday, March 5, 2009

My blogger friend Bella is giving away a beautiful freshwater pearl bracelet courtsey of Cheerio's Circle of Helping Hearts. For your chance to win please check out Budget Bella not only does she offer you a chance to win this fabulous prize but she has great money saving tips. I myself visit Bella daily as you never know when she may point you in the right direction of your next great shopping/saving adventure.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

WAGs Trip

I got all this for $2.80 out of pocket plus I got back a $2 RR for the lotion. I have 27 more Q's for the toothbrushes so guess what .... I hope to load up on them this week for FREE.