Wednesday, March 18, 2009

WalMart Quickie

Decided we wanted tacos for dinner and needed some milk and a few other things so I decided to run to WalMart.

$18.25 for all this:

eleven packs of razors
1 gallon milk
2 packs of gum
1 taco sauce
1 taco seasoning
1 cascade rinse agent
1 clean & clear blackhead eraser
3 Kotex
1 box fudge rounds (big)
2 Iams cat food
1 bag of chips
1 block of Mexican dipping cheese


  1. Wow great shop! How much were the razors? My DH just ran out and I could do with a good deal.

  2. FREE! The best kind. Using $2/1 any one Schick disposable Q these are $1.97 at my local WalMart. These are bonus packs so 12 razors each. Over the past month I have acquired about 40 packs. :)

    The Cascade, gum, Iams, and Kotex were all free too. Note: Use the $5/1 any one Iams Q and find the $4.87 bags for free cat/dog food. The Clean & Clear has a $5 IP so you can get the blackhead eraser refills for a few cents (my store = .44 now used to be .29) my kids use the pads by themself without the applicator = why spend $20 on the applicator when the pads work by themself.