Monday, December 29, 2014


I got lucky at CVS this week!  I bought 6 bottles of 2 in 1 Pantene shampoos, 2 Pantene mouse, 1 Pantene hair spray, and 2 bottles of Nivea lotion for $3.55 O.O.P.

I used 3 $2/1 pantene styler Q, and 2 $5/3 pantene products Q and 2 $5/2 Nivea products Q's
I also had some ECB which lowered my O.O.P. and ended up getting back $15 in ECB because CVS is offering $5 ECB when you buy any two Nivea and $10 off certain participating P&G products which includes the Pantene.  And best news yet is all of this counts towards beauty rewards which is $5 ECB when you spend $50 accumulated over time.  

There are some great deals to be had this week at CVS.  Go get 'em ladies!

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

I've been suffering from computer issues for a while now but I'm happy to say that has been remedied and you will be seeing more of me :)  Keep up with me here and you will start seeing my new favorite hobby and favorite store the Dollar General.  I'm telling you there are great deals to be had on practically everything under the sun at the local DG

Hasbro Game Night sponsored Houseparty

 I was so excited to be chosen to host a Hasbro game night from House Party.  I've lost the cord to my camera at the moment so pics will follow as soon as its located LOL.  But, I wanted to take a moment to brag about the wonderful games that were included in my party package:  Scattergories, Twister, Sorry, Yahtzee Classic, and Taboo Buzz'd.  I have to say that Taboo has always been my families favorite game and we absolutely love this new electronic version.  Of course, Twister is a favorite too because it brings back lots of memories from when the kids were younger.  My husband and I used to play Yahtzee when we were first married.... its been a long long time since we'd taken the time to play so what a treat it was to receive a new game.  I remember playing Sorry as a child myself and boy did I just love the fact that my special friend Nicole was able to play this game with everyone.  We haven't gotten around to Scattergories yet as the night was getting away from us.  We all decided that next time which will be SOON we will play that game first.  Tune in for pics :)

Hasbro Gaming Party

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Since 1894, Purex Fels-Naptha laundry bar has been working overtime to remove greasy, oily stains, perspiration, and ring-around-the-collar. To celebrate we’ll be giving away a year’s supply each day from July 14 – 23.

HURRY!  Enter HERE Ends July 31st @ 3 pm EST

One grand prize winner will receive a gift certificate valued at $1,000 from One Step Ahead®, a year’s supply of Purex® Baby Detergent, and a year’s supply of Purex® Crystals™ for Baby.
Hurry!  Enter HERE   Ends July 31st @ 3 pm PST

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Family Fun Sweepstakes

About the Sweepstakes
Ready, set, GO! Summer is right around the corner and what a great way to prepare for all that summer fun than with a subscription to Family Fun Magazine! Enjoy all things fun with a magazine that celebrates families, cooking, vacations, parties, crafts and more.

Fifteen thousand (15,000) grand prize winners will receive a FREE subscription to Family Fun Magazine. Enter to win a subscription for your family to enjoy!
Your chance to win HERE

Purex Crystals Dryer Sheets

Try new Purex Crystals Dryer Sheets to freshen your laundry and do away with static cling.
These are terrific and make your laundry smell so great.
The fresh scent lingers for days and days and actually freshens your closets and drawers with that clean laundry smell :)

I was supposed to post about a giveaway that you could enter but unfortunately due to some computer issues I wasn't able to do so before the sweepstakes ended.  However, I do feel that this is a fabulous product that my readers will enjoy so I wanted to still take a minute to brag about it :)

Sunday, April 20, 2014

The rules have changed .... when it comes to laundry!

**As a Purex Insider, I was given the opportunity to review the new Purex No Sort for Colors.  I received no further compensation and all opinions are 100% my own.  

My kids were home for the weekend from college.  
With them came lots of laundry and friends and of course the friends' laundry.
Perfect timing to try the new Purex no sort laundry detergent.

This new detergent is the latest laundry innovation from Purex brand designed to simplify your laundry routine.  Purex No Sort for Colors detergent features a breakthrough Anti-Color-Transfer Technology which traps loose dyes in the wash and reduces color bleeding accidents in your mixed color load leaving your clothes bright and clean.    **It is advised that you wash strongly colored fabrics or new pieces of clothing (especially jeans) separately at least 5 times before doing a mixed color load.  

I think this innovative new product is just GREAT for the typical college student who neither has the patience or the time to spend hours and hours doing laundry.  The four that tried it out this weekend at my house agree.  They loved the results so much that when they found out I had three coupons for a full size product they begged me to let them have them.  So.... I did!  I know that they will put them to good use.  

To celebrate the launch of the fabulous new product, Purex is sponsoring a sweepstakes where you could be the grand prize winner of $1,000 and a year's supply of the new game-changing detergent HERE.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

MOM's night out

Being a mom is the HARDEST job of all!  
Sometimes mom just needs a break!
Purex is celebrating Mother's Day and Sony's new motion picture Mom's Night Out by giving away a night out for you and up to five friends.  
For a sneak peak check out Mom's Night Out on youtube.

For your chance to win click HERE!

Friday, April 4, 2014

FREE trip to Myrtle Beach??

Ready for a break to the beach?
Win a trip for your family to Myrtle Beach SC & Crown Reef Resort from Purex.
Enter for your HERE for your chance to win a vacation full of sun & adventure at one of the top beach destinations in the country and receive a year's supply of your favorite Purex detergent.

**I learned about this sweepstakes through Purex Insiders this post contains my referral link.

My family LOVES Myrtle Beach!  We love sitting on the beach watching the tide roll in and playing in the ocean jumping the waves!  What's your families favorite thing about the beach?

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Purex Pet Fresh detergeant


NEW Purex Fresh Pet liquid detergent with odor Control Action is formulated to condition and moisturize your pet's coat and eliminnate odors.  
I was pleasantly surprised last week when Fluffy came in out of the rain smelling like a rose instead of a wet dog.   I highly recommend that you use this product on your pet's clothing next time.  :)


Friday, March 21, 2014

Flush to Paradise

Ladies, eat your heart out:  the time for a dazzlingly clean toilet has arrived!
Check out the Balls Dream Band HERE as they strut their stuff to show just how sexy a clean, fresh toilet can be. Find out more about Soft Scrub products HERE !  

*As a member of Purex Insiders, I was asked to promote this.  I received no product samples or any other form of compensation for doing so.  

Purex Crystals in-wash fragrance booster LIMITED EDITION fabulously fresh

WINNER - AndreaC  you were the only entry!  You have 24 hrs to comment here with your mailing info!  Don't worry all comments are moderated and I will not publish.  I will mail your prize out ASAP

NEW Purex Crystals Limited Edition Fabulously Fresh is the latest Purex Brand laundry enhander bringing a fresh sensation to your laundry experience.

  • Clothes smell Fabulously Fresh for weeks, not days
  • Does not reduce the absorbency of towels
  • Safe for all loads, including children's sleepwear and athletic wear
As a Purex Insider, I received a free bottle to fascilitate my review!  

I really put this product to the test when my son came home from college with his SMELLY basketball clothes.  

You simply measure out a cap full like this 

and toss it in the washer and a few minutes or so later 

You have fresh smelling laundry ready to toss in the dryer :)

I received three free coupons to share with readers. 

 If you'd like to try this fantastic product for FREE please go HERE  for your chance to win $1,000 shopping spree and a year's supply of Limited Edition Purex Crystals Fabulously Fresh and then be sure to come back and comment here saying you did so.

**I received no compensation for this review other than the free product to sample.  All opinions are 100% my own!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Dial Deep Cleansing Hand Soap

 New Dial Deep Cleansing Hand Soap is the latest Dial brand hand soap bringing luxury to your hand washing experience.  These premium soaps feature vibrant scents, a gentle micro-scrubber formula that smooths and moisturizes the skin and a completely new design that adds personal style to your home.

As a Purex Insider, I received two bottles of this terrific new product in the scents of Yellow Raspberry & Black Sugar and the Coconut Lime Verbena in order to fascilitate this review. 

I placedthe Coconut Lime Verbena in my kitchen as I am constantly washing my hands when I cook.

and I put the Yello Raspberry & Black Sugar bottle in my main bathroom for guests and family to use.

I have to say that I love the way the pump controls the amount of product that is dispensed.  With just one squirt you get enough to wash your hands thoroughly without unnecessary waste.  The new formula moisturizes your skin while the micro-scrubbers help gently scrub dirt away.

I received 5 free product coupons to share and decided that I wanted to bless my friends and family with these so that they could enjoy the benefits of this fine product too.  Everyone was thrilled and several have since commented that they are so loving the way the soap has left their hands feeling more moisturized considering we've battled a long cold winter which has a terrible drying effect on hands.  

Be sure to check out the new Dial Deep Cleansing Hand Soap at a store near you!

**All opinions expressed here are 100% my own.  I received no further compensation for writing this review.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Sickness UGH

Please excuse my absence it seems sickness has decided to set camp with my kids :/
Hoping to get back to normal soon!!

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Giveaway Winners!

Be sure to check and see if you are the winner of one of the giveaways that ended on 2/14. 

Purex Bright Wishes Bright Washes
Purex Crystals
Winners are posted at the top of each giveaway post.  
You have 24 hrs to comment on either the original post or here with your name and mailing info.  
Don't worry I will NOT publish private info :)  

Monday, February 10, 2014

Dial Vitamin Boost Review & Giveaway

Congrats to AnonymousFebruary 12, 2014 at 12:21 PM
pick me! brooksey at hotmail 

**As a member of PurexInsiders, the Dial brand provided me with a sample of Dial Vitamin Boost Body Wash in exchange for a product review.  However, all opinions expressed here are my own.

NEW Dial Vitamin Boost Body Wash gives your skin a daily boost of vitamins.  The advanced formula, with a moisturizing vitamin complex, helps draw vitamins and moisture directly to your skin.  Leaves your skin feeling healthy, and soft.

I personally received this bottle of Dial Vitamin Boost Lotion Infused Body Wash with Amazing Vitamin B.  I have to say that I love the way it smelled :)  and the nice, rich soapy lather that it provided and even better the way it left my skin feeling after my shower :)  I hid it away in my bathroom thinking that I wouldn't share it with the whole fam LOL.  Someone must have found it because ....  I went to take a shower this morning and this is what I found.

Looks like somebody else liked it too :/  Before you know it the bottle will be empty :(  

If you'd like to try it for yourself, Follow Crazy with the Crawfords and leave a comment saying that you've done so.  I'll choose a winner on Friday, Feb 21 and post here!  Winner will have 24 hrs to respond in order to claim the prize by posting in the comments again with their name and mailing info...(don't worry ALL comments are moderated and I will NOT publish your personal info for all the world to see) failure to do so will forfeit prize.  Prize will be awarded in the form of a FREE product coupon.

Friday, January 31, 2014

Buy One Get One FREE Cheerios Coupon

Cheerios is partnering with a non-profit organization called The Family Dinner Project, to bring you The Family Breakfast Project, which provides tips, recipes, and activities to help families connect over breakfast.  Use the limited time, buy one get one free coupon to begin experimenting with the Family Breakfast Project recipes and activities.  The coupon is valid only until February 15th, and limited to only one million first come first served respondents - download HERE and be sure to share with your friends as well.

Also, be sure to check out Cheerios first-ever game day commercial this Sunday during the BIG GAME!
Check out to view the commercial and join the Family Breakfast Project.

**This information provided to you through my participation with MyBlogSpark

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Join Purex in Supporting Make-A-Wish! Plus, a chance to win a coupon for FREE Purex detergent

Pick me!

Make-A-Wish grants the wishes of children with life-threatening medical conditions to enrich the human experience with hope, strength, and joy.  Kids say wishes give them renewed strength to fight their illnesses, and their parents say these experiences help strengthen the entire family.

Based in Phoenix, Make-A-Wish is one of the world's leading children's charities, serving children in every community in the United States and it's territories.  With the help of generous donors and more than 25,000 volunteers, Make-A-Wish grants a wish somewhere in the country every 38 minutes!  More than 226,000 wishes have been granted since it's inception in 1980 with more than 14,000 of those in 2013 alone.  Please visit Make-A-Wish to learn more.

To honor the millions of children whose clothes Purex helps keep bright and clean every year, the Purex brand has teamed up with the Make-A-Wish foundation to bring some bright wishes to children.  Purex will pay $.05 per bottle for first 4 million bottles of 75oz+ liquic detergent sold from 
February 1 - February 28,2014 and will increase the payment to $.10 for every bottle above the 4 million with a minimum guarantee of $200,000 up to a maximum of $300,000.  

And, they will pay $.08 per bottle to Make-A-Wish for the first 620,000 bottles of Classic and Ultra Lines in Mountain Breeze and Sweet Lavender fabric softeners sold within that same time frame.  That ammount will increase to $.10 for every bottle above 620,000 with a minimum guarantee of $50,000 up to a maximum of $100,000.

Now is the perfect time for you to stock up on Purex Laundry Detergent and Fabric Softeners!  Evey bottle helps in the effort to support this great cause!  You can learn more about this campaign at

As a Purex Insider, I was given three coupons for one FREE bottle of Purex Mountain Breeze detergent maximum value of $6.00 to give away to my readers.  Now I know that you'll love this detergent because it smells so great and cleans so well.  

Enter to win by becoming a follower of Crazy with the Crawfords and  posting a comment here telling me if you have ever tried Purex.  Winner will be chosen on February 14 and announced here.  Winners will have 24 hrs to contact me by replying here in the comments with their name and mailing info (don't worry ALL comments are moderated and I do not publish personal info.)  Now .... Are you ready to win FREE Purex?  One of these coupons could be yours :)

**Purex Laundry Detergent provided me with Purex coupons in exchange for sharing the Purex Make-A-Wish Campaign.  However, all opinions expressed here are my own.  

Private Selection - Gourmet Cookies

Kroger Private Selection Gourmet Cookies

As a member of BzzAgent, I am participating in a campaign for Private Selection Gourmet Cookies.  
I received an electronic coupon to use at Kroger to purchase my choice of cookies in order to fascilitate this review.  I received no further compensation and all opinions are 100% my own.

These come in four decadent flavors:  White Chocolate Macadamia Nut, Ultimate Chocolate Chunk, Turtle Brownie, and White Chocolate Coconut Almond.

I chose these delicious looking Turtle Brownie Cookies which are described as decadent brownie cookies loaded with caramel and pecans.  While I will say that I thought these were very good I felt like the caramel was a little hard and had an interesting flavor (not quite what I was expecting).  Also I will say, that I would probably never buy these myself as they were quite pricey at $4.49 for six cookies. However, I would buy them as a special treat for someone who might be in the hospital, having a birthday, or needing a little
 pick-me-up as they are quite nice in their presentation as they come in a nice bakery style box.  If you'd like to try them out for yourself, here's a $1/1 coupon

Monday, January 27, 2014

New Purex Crystals Fresh Mountain Breeze

WINNER - DanFebruary 2, 2014 at 8:56 PM
Entered the sweeps!


Experience the sensation that is sweeping the laundry nation with 
NEW Purex Crystals Fresh Mountain Breeze!

Escape the laundry room and take a trip to the fresh, open mountains where flowers bloom, birds sing, and the sun rise and gentle breeze are sure to put a smile on your face.  

Infuse your laundry with long-lasting freshness and your clothes will smell fresh for weeks.  The laundry enhancer crystals do NOT reduce the absorbency of towels and the formula is safe for your family and the environment.

**As a member of PurexInsiders, I received a sample of New Purex Crystals Fresh Mountain Breeze for this product review.  However, all opinions expressed here are 100% my own!  

I choose to test this new scent out on my sons basketball clothes.  Too bad there isn't a scratch and sniff feature on here so that you can understand the terrible aroma that permeates their workout clothes but just imagine stinky, sweaty locker room smells and you'll kind of get the picture. 

Imagine my surprise when I opened the washer to a fresh, clean scent.  
everything was so soft and static free.

Purex Crystals are easy to use you simply pour the desired amount into the cap which serves as a measuring cup and toss them in the washer with your dirty clothes.  Everything comes out smelling fresh and clean and the scent lasts for weeks.  

Purex is hosting a sweepstakes!
  One grand prize winner will receive $500 
100 second place winners will receive a coupon for free Purex Crystals Fresh Mountain Breeze!  
You can enter the sweepstakes HERE!

I was also provided with three coupons to use for a giveaway for my readers.

You have two chances to win! 
 #1 Siimply post here saying why you would like to try Purex Crystals.   
#2 Enter the Purex Sweepstakes HERE and leave a comment saying you did so.
I will choose winner by random drawing on February 14th and announce them here. 
Winnerswill have 24 hrs to contact me by posting in the comment section.
  Don't worry ALL comments are moderated so I will not post your private info.  
Good Luck Everyone!

**As stated above, I received a product sample of the new Purex Mountain Breeze Crystals in order to fascilitate this review.  The sweepstakes link is my referral link.  I receive no further compensation for this post and all opinions are my own.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Start earning money on the things you buy anyway with Ibotta


Earn money for buying the things you buy anyways with Ibotta.  For example, right now you can earn .50 for buying a gallon (any brand) of milk.  **Join today at http;//
*this link is my referral link!

SCHICK HydroSilk Sensitive Skin razor

I received this SCHICK HydroSilk Sensitive Skin Razor from BzzAgent in order to fascilitate this review!  I received no further compensation and all opinions expressed here are 100% my own.

Let me start by telling you that this is my new favorite razor.  I get a close, clean shave that leaves my legs feeling silky smooth.  It was especially nice of BzzAgent to include a Try Me FREE coupon for Skintimate shaving cream with this bzzkit too.  Having sensitive skin in the winter is the worst! Thank goodness for such a fantastic product that doesn't do more damage than good.  Read on for valuable info about this product:


Hypoallergenic Moisturizing Serum infused with Shea Butter. 5 Curve-Sensing blades. Skin Guards. All those features might just sound like bells and whistles for now, but trust us – as soon as you take a few strokes with Schick® Hydro Silk® Sensitive Care® razor, everything will make perfect sense.
Winter can be especially tough on sensitive skin. Dermatologist-tested Schick® Hydro Silk®Sensitive Care® razor delivers a better hydration boost than any other razor. The Hypoallergenic Moisturizing Serum hydrates your skin for up to two hours after shaving while the 5 Curve-Sensing blades protect your skin from irritation. So even while you’re bundled up in a parka, your legs will feel like hitting the beach all winter long.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Disney Side Celebration

I was recently selected to host a Disney Side @Home Celebration.  I received free products in order to host the party but all opinions expressed here are my own!

Below you will see pictures of what I received for my celebration.  Let me just tell you that I was absolutely amazed at all of the great goodies included in my kit.  It makes planning my Disney Vacation even more exciting.

This 21" American Tourister (the Official Luggage of Walt Disney World & DisneyLand) is lightweight has a 10 year warranty and 360 spinner wheels for easy navigation.  Thanks to American Tourister for helping sponsor this event and supplying such a fantastic hostess gift.  

My party kit also consisted of 10 packs HP photo cards for at home printing.  Each pack contains just what you need to create fun, Disney Side cards that you can mail to friends and family.  Visit to find fun Dsiney Side designs.   I am sure my party guests will be thrilled to get to take home a pack of these.  Thanks to the folks at HP for their help in sponsoring this event.

I was also provided with these cute Mickey ClubHouse party supplies which included plates, napkins, cups, and table cloth, and banner

There was also a Disney Bingo game, Disney Trivia cards, and instructions for Disney face painting.

There are lots of rubber band bracelets, stickers, tattoos, and balloons for favors as well as 

these awesome Muppet calendar cards.

They also sent twelve boxes of Craisins for a treat

These ESPN runDisney window decals and cheer cards and this 

IPhone 5 phone case were also included.  
Personally, I plan to use the phone case as a prize for Bingo at my party :)

and last but not least .... there were these beautiful lithograph posters with sturdy, protective envelopes to share with all of my party guests.  These are so adorable and great for framing and hanging.  And if you notice, perfect for Valentines :)  

These Disney cookie cutters and muffin liners were also included in the kit as was this set of measuring cups from the Chew.  Of course, any Disney theme party has to have Disney themed food LOL.  I plan to use the cookie cutters to do double duty and make cute little sandwiches cut in Disney shapes as well as cookies :)

I know my guests are going to be as excited as I am for this party.  We will be watching the Disney Vacation Planning DVD that was included in the hostess kit and talking about plans for our upcoming vacation.  

Like I said, I received all of these great products for free in exchange for my unbiased opinions and to share at my Disney Side party@Home Celebration.  

Monday, January 20, 2014

Getting Crafty with Borax Sweepstakes

Get crafty with 20 Team Mule Borax.
There are so many ways 20 Mule Team Borax can help beautify your home, learn how to get crafty and get enter to win $500 HERE

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Get a Clean Start with Purex Sweepstakes

Let Purex start your new year off in style with a new wardrobe and detergent for all of 2014!
Enter HERE to WIN $1,000 towards a new wardrobe and a year's supply of Purex detergent 

New Year, New You! Purex Sweepstakes

Stay fit & fresh this year with help from Purex!  
Enter to WIN a Basis Fitness Tracker & a year's supply of Purex Crystals (do not interfere with moisture wicking fabric). 
 Let Purex help you stick to your resolution this year!
Enter HERE for your chance to win!

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Why shop at CVS?

Only paid $1.28 out of pocket for this.  That's why!

This was a quick trip to CVS right before Christmas.  I snapped the picture thinking that I would use it to encourage my readers to try shopping CVS.  

FREE 4 x 6 10 page bragbook from Walgreens

 Visit HERE  and use code SMALLBOOK to make a 10 page bragbook for FREE and then use code SHIPITME at checkout to cover shipping!

Go-Go Squeez FREE

Visit Go-Go Squeez on FaceBook and plan a Play Day and receive a coupon for a FREE pack of Go-Go Squeez!