Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Hasbro Game Night sponsored Houseparty

 I was so excited to be chosen to host a Hasbro game night from House Party.  I've lost the cord to my camera at the moment so pics will follow as soon as its located LOL.  But, I wanted to take a moment to brag about the wonderful games that were included in my party package:  Scattergories, Twister, Sorry, Yahtzee Classic, and Taboo Buzz'd.  I have to say that Taboo has always been my families favorite game and we absolutely love this new electronic version.  Of course, Twister is a favorite too because it brings back lots of memories from when the kids were younger.  My husband and I used to play Yahtzee when we were first married.... its been a long long time since we'd taken the time to play so what a treat it was to receive a new game.  I remember playing Sorry as a child myself and boy did I just love the fact that my special friend Nicole was able to play this game with everyone.  We haven't gotten around to Scattergories yet as the night was getting away from us.  We all decided that next time which will be SOON we will play that game first.  Tune in for pics :)

Hasbro Gaming Party

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