Thursday, November 25, 2010

CVS BlackFriday FREEbies!

I almost forgot to make a trip to CVS because I have been tied up with cooking and cleaning but thankfully I remembered and my store was stocked.
Here's a low down on what I got:
(I had no ECB to start with but did have a $5/$25)
1 colgate sensative toothpaste $3.99 - FREE Q
1 LA Looks w/free trial attached $2.99
1 Listerine pocket pack $2.99
2 M&M king sizes $1.59 each
5 Reeses .79 each
1 earbud set $6.99
1 Gillette Deo $4.00 - $2 Q
2 x Herbal Essence $3.99 each - 2 x $1/1 Q's
1 Biolux Shampoo $1.99 - FREE Q
used $5/$25 CVS Q
Paid $26.11 O.O.P.
got back ECB for everything except biolux
Transaction #2
1 Colgate Sensative Toothpaste $3.99 - $1/1 Q
1 Listerine PocketPack $2.99
3 x M&M King sizes $1.59 each
1 Carmex lip balm .99
2 x herbal essence conditioners $3.99 each - $1/1 Q
2 earbud sets (got 3 kids you know)
1 Gillette deo $4.00 - $2/1 Q
2 Sierra Mist $1.99 BOGO - BOGO Q
ECB's ($7.98, $6.99, $4, $3.95, $3.99, $3.18, $2.99, $2.99)
Got back ECB for Listerine, Colgate, M&M's, Carmex, and Gillette
Transaction #3
Renuplus Shampoo $4.99
Renuplus Conditioner $4.99
Eucerine lotion $6.99
Used ECB's ($4.77, $3.99. $4, $2.99, .99)
got back $9.98 and $6.99 ECB
shampoo/conditioner both had Try Me Free tags so I will send in for rebates! :)
**SHUCKS I forgot to use my $4 ECB when you spend $20 coupon
I am sure I could have had less O.O.P. to start with but I was in a hurry.
Sometimes I just go with the flow.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Kroger Fun!

Sorry no picture to post!
1st transaction
5 packs of Duracell batteries $1.98 each - $1.50 Q's
2 x Edge Shave Cream $2.52 on sale BOGO - BOGO Q (deducted $2.75)
used a $1 OYNO
Paid $2.35 Out of Pocket ($1.18 of that was tax)
2nd transaction
2 boxes of Trix $1/2 Q + .55 ecoupon
2 boxes of Cookie Crisp $1/2 Q + 2 x /75 ecoupon
1 Coco Puff
1 Cinnamon Toast Crunch $1/2 Q + .55 ecoupon
2 Lucky Charms $1/2 Q + .55 ecoupon
6 Pillsbury Grands Cinnamon Rolls .50/1 Q + 2 x .40 ecoupons
2 Pillsbury Pie Crust $1/2 Q + .50 ecoupon
4 Pillsbury break&bake cookies 2 x $1.25/2 Q + 2 x $1/1 ecoupons
Register deducated $20 for the GM B4G$4 promo
Paid 11.95 Out of Pocket
got back $3 OYNO
**some of my ecoupons didn't come off and my OYNO's were shorted but I was in a hurry and got tired of arguing with customer service.
Still not bad!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Visit Kraft First Taste to print a $1/1 any Planters Q
then print the .75/1 Target IP for any Planters
combine the two to get a FREE jar of Planter's Sunflower Seeds at Target!
My kids are going to love this treat!

Not usually a Walgreens fan but I got this for $3.40 O.O.P. today!

2 x Pert on clearance $2.19 each - $1/1 Q's

Finesse Hairspray on clearance $2.19 - $1/1 Q

10 Butterfinger Bars - 5 x $1/2 Q's

Gain $1.79 - 4 x $1/1 Q's

***Make the magic happen with the WAGS store coupons

Gain Detergeant sale price coupon .89 each (subtracted $3.60)

Butterfinger sale price coupon .39 each (subtracted $1.69)



TAX $1.37

TOTAL $3.40

Maybe not as good as other people can work the deal....but it works for me!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A fellow couponer needs our help to help her non-profit group win a contest sponsored by Pepsi.
This is a volunteer organization whose members have children with a rare genetic syndome called Dup15. This syndrome results in developmental delays, autism, seizures, and an increase risk of sudden death. If the group wins the grant from Pepsi, they plan to use the money for Research and Family support. Please take a moment to visit this link to help my coupon buddy out. I'm sure that a few seconds of your time can help change lives.

Terrific Target Deal

with this Target IP, I was able to get 4 pairs of sleep shorts and 2 camis for $1.38 O.O.P.
Hurry go print this Q because it's gone and go check out the clearance rack at your local Target!

Save $10 off any purchase totally $25 and up in stores ,, and catalog with this coupon .
Hurry ends today!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

SURPRISE in the mail today!

I received this nice kit of household cleaning products from SC Johnson Right At Home. Apparently, I won the sweepstakes that they host regularly. I've heard that people really do win their contests but they don't seem to post a list or contact you - they just send your goodies. So I'm thrilled to let you know the rumors are true and you can win. Visit their site here to register for their current giveaway of $100 Everyday through December 30th. Good Luck! LMK if you win!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Krogers - Mega Deal

So, I totally cleaned up at Krogers today! I love the mega deals! First round, I spent $155.29 and saved $173.24 which means my total before coupons was $328.53 (OUCH, I'd seriously hate to pay that bill). Second go round this evening, I spent $50.56 and saved $100.77 which means my bill was $151.33 before coupons. All together, ended up with $479.86 in groceries for $205.85 which is way less than half.

A brief rundown on what I bought: 5 pks of Fresh Chicken Breast, and a nice big London Broil Roast, broccoli, salad, bananas, canned beans, corn, fruit cocktail, peaches, tomatoes, soups, taco fixings, chillis, frozen pizzas, hotpockets, toaster strudels, chicken hot wings, gatorade, bottled water, hot chocolate, boxed muffins and cookie mixes, refrigerated cinnamon rolls and cookies, 3 gallons of milk, ice cream, toilet paper, paper towels, Tide, toothbrushes, toothpaste, deoderants, body wash, and the list keeps on going. You might say that I am fairly well stocked on a lot of fact so much so that my cabinets are bulging and so is my mini-deep freezer.

I stocked up on pork chops and hamburger last week. Oh, and I have some more Gain Q's that I need to swing by Walmart to use for free dish liquid. I do need to find a sale and Q's for some dish washer detergeant soon as I am down to my last three boxes....LOL!

Thank you Krogers and all my friends who shared coupons with me.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Raise Awareness against National Hunger!

To raise awareness about the National issue of hunger, Hamburger Helper is partnering with Grammy-award winning artist, Tim MGraw to help Feeding America deliver millions of meals to local food banks through the Show your Helping Hand campaign.
You can support this campaign by submitting codes from specially marked boxes of Hamburger Helper at For each code entered HH will donate .17 cents which is enough for Feeding American to deliver one meal to a local food bank. HH is proud to have already donated more than half a million to this program and is committed to contributing up to $100,000 more through this program.
Please take a minute when you get a code and make a difference in someone else's life!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

6 bags of Ore-ida and 2 Renuzit air freshners for less than $2.
Ore idea $2.44 each B2G1 FREE
used 3 x $3/2 Q's
Renuzit .94 x 2
used 2 x $1/1 Q's
I lost the receipt but I remember it was just a little over a buck!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

You could win a $100 Walgreens card here.
Play daily now thru Dec 10th.
Good Luck! LMK if you win!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

It's beginning to look a lot of Christmas!
Can you believe it? November is upon us and everyone is beginning to start thinking about the holidays. One of my favorite things about this time of year is the special cards we receive from friends. My kids love to hang them around the house to display them. This year I found this wonderful site which allows you to personalize your cards. I am so excited to order my own set with my children's photo so that my friends can see how much they have grown through out the year. I know I always love getting photo cards from my friends for just this reason. Kids grow up so fast. I think this one "Ho Ho HO" is the one I will go with. What do you think?
I would suggest that you check out the following:
I think that you will be surprised at how reasonable their pricing is and how easy it is to upload your pictures and create your own personalized cards for this holiday season's giving.
If you are a blogger, you can actually earn 50 FREE cards by registering here.