Saturday, November 13, 2010

Krogers - Mega Deal

So, I totally cleaned up at Krogers today! I love the mega deals! First round, I spent $155.29 and saved $173.24 which means my total before coupons was $328.53 (OUCH, I'd seriously hate to pay that bill). Second go round this evening, I spent $50.56 and saved $100.77 which means my bill was $151.33 before coupons. All together, ended up with $479.86 in groceries for $205.85 which is way less than half.

A brief rundown on what I bought: 5 pks of Fresh Chicken Breast, and a nice big London Broil Roast, broccoli, salad, bananas, canned beans, corn, fruit cocktail, peaches, tomatoes, soups, taco fixings, chillis, frozen pizzas, hotpockets, toaster strudels, chicken hot wings, gatorade, bottled water, hot chocolate, boxed muffins and cookie mixes, refrigerated cinnamon rolls and cookies, 3 gallons of milk, ice cream, toilet paper, paper towels, Tide, toothbrushes, toothpaste, deoderants, body wash, and the list keeps on going. You might say that I am fairly well stocked on a lot of fact so much so that my cabinets are bulging and so is my mini-deep freezer.

I stocked up on pork chops and hamburger last week. Oh, and I have some more Gain Q's that I need to swing by Walmart to use for free dish liquid. I do need to find a sale and Q's for some dish washer detergeant soon as I am down to my last three boxes....LOL!

Thank you Krogers and all my friends who shared coupons with me.

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