Monday, March 30, 2009

WalMart Deals today (3/30)
My friend Diann sent me the $5/1 Iams Q's to use for her little dog Cha Cha because she is in Maryland and couldn't find them there. Even if she had found them we both weren't sure how she would haul them home to Tn as her PTCruiser is already stuffed to the gills with all the deals she has gotten at Rite Aid and CVS.
So todays trip:
4 x Iams $5 (used $5/1 Q x 4)
4 x AirHead Xtremes .64 (used .55/1 Q x 4)
2 x True North $2.97 (used $1/1 Q x 2)
2 x Wrigley gum .96 (used FREE Q x 2)
Total after tax & Q's = $7.11
Our sales tax is so high its ridiculous!!!

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