Friday, September 13, 2013

Day #3 of the Kindness Challenge


Day 3: Gift Your Favorite Book

The Idea: Books can serve as lifelines and lighthouses along our journey. They can be a place of refuge and renewal. Think of a book that has special meaning for you and gift it to someone you think would enjoy it. Maybe it's a book that shaped your life trajectory, or comforted you through a difficult patch, maybe it's a book that had you erupting into uncontrollable giggles. Have fun thinking about the perfect person to send it to in your life -- or let serendipity strike and leave it on a park bench or at a restaurant table! If you'd like to step-it-up, inscribe a special message in it, or slip a handwritten note between the covers describing what this book means to you and why you want to pass it on.

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