Thursday, September 26, 2013

Day#16 of the Kindness Challenge - How are you doing?

I haven't posted the challenge everyday because you and I both know there are many ways to show kindness. The ideas suggested here from Kind Spring are merely suggestions to help you stay on track with the challenge.   Personally, I have had a lot of fun with this during the past few days. I have left little surprises wherever I go for strangers to find:  a rootbeer in the drink machine outside Krogers,  baskets filled with candy around campus at my kid's school, a bag of "necessary goodies" for a struggling friend, cooked dinner for a friend, etc.....How are you doing?  Personally, I believe that the challenge is to make acts of kindness part of your everyday life. Just think about what a better world we would have if everyone were more considerate of others.  

In silence there is eloquence. Stop weaving and see how the pattern improves. -- Rumi 

Day 16: Spend 15 Minutes In Silence

The Idea: Today, carve out time in your day for quietude and stillness. Sometimes in the whirl of activity and chatter of the weeks we lose connection with the deeper parts of ourselves and our highest intentions. Moments of silence and stillness can be real teachers. And the beauty of it is that by getting back in touch with ourselves we strengthen our capacity for touching the lives of others. For fifteen minutes today, practice a form of silence and going within that resonates with you, whether that's through meditation, prayer, a simple walk in the garden, or just sitting on your front porch in gratitude. Whatever the form, let the spirit of it be that of reconnecting with yourself. If you want to step it up, increase the fifteen minutes to an hour. Use those moments of silence as a touch point through the day. Notice how the quality of your attention and interactions change as you carry that experience forward. 

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