Saturday, September 7, 2013

Purex Laundry App

Purex has done it again! 
Believe it or not they have added another fantastic way to help us with laundry.  
Introducing the Purex Laundry App.
If you are anything like me this will come in handy on a daily basis.
Plus, I have encouraged both of my older kids who are in college to download this App especially since they are laundry newbies.

As you can see there are a variety of issues that the Purex Laundry App can help you with.
  • Stain Guide - offers expert advice on treating the toughest stains
  • Label Decoder - helps you decipher those funny little symbols on your clothing tags 
  • Fabric Care - helpful instructions on caring for popular fabric types
  • Ironing & Folding - useful guide on how to properly iron and fold various items
  • Laundry Time - a useful tool to make sure you never forget another load
  • Promotions - to keep you up to date on the latest Purex promos
  • Mix-n-Match - a fun little game to help you pass the time while doing laundry
  • Product Info - key info on all the great Purex products
  • Barcode Scanner - use to scan your Purex barcodes to find out detail info about the product 
My two favorite features are :
the Stain Guide because my kids are so sloppy 
because my mother never taught me the proper way to iron and believe it or not there is a trick to it.  
And, also because I could never really get those fitted sheets folded correctly like good ole' Martha Stewart LOL.

You can download this fabulous App now by following either of these links:
IOS users              or                 Android users 

Plus click on the following link for your chance to win an IPad mini 

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