Friday, September 27, 2013

Day#17 of the Kindness Challenge

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A compliment is verbal sunshine. -- Robert Orben 

Day 17: Compliment Two People Today

The Idea: Today is the day to think your nice thoughts out loud. Sometimes we underestimate the simple act and art of paying a genuine compliment. And yet we've all experienced how words of warmth and heartfelt admiration can lift our spirits, and rekindle faith in ourselves. So now is the time to pay that feeling forward! Use this day's challenge as an opportunity to tune into the gifts of people around you. Whether it's a colleague, friend, family member or a stranger you cross paths with on the street, take a moment to really appreciate something about them, whether it's their smile, their attitude, their actions or even something as simple as their outfit. If you want to step it up, make an effort to pay an authentic compliment to every single person you have more than a five-minute interaction with today. Notice how becoming more aware of the good you see in others, and expressing it, has the immediate effect of sweetening your own day ... 

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