Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Special K Nourish

I received a Special K Nourish kit from bzzagent in order to fascilitate this review.  

I have to say that I love these nutrition bars.  They were so yummy especially the dark chocolate nut delight.  They will become a regular on my shopping list.  I also received a sample of lemon twist & cranberry almond which were also very flavorful and I enjoyed them as well.  The bars have 8g of protein and 5g of fiber while being packed with calcium, vitamin D, and iron while maintaining a low fat and calorie count.

I also received Special K nourish hot cereal cups (maple brown sugar crunch, cinnamon raisin pecan, and cranberry almond) which were yummy.  These also have a high protein and give count while maintaining a low fat and calorie count and are rich in calcium, vitamin D, and iron.  What I love best about these are that they are pre-packaged single serving cups that are microwavable and come with a mix-in to add crunch and flavor (raisings, nuts, cranberries,etc.).  

I am looking forward to packing these products in care packages for my two kids who will be attending college out of state this fall.  I love healthy food options!

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