Tuesday, July 23, 2013

50 Million Adults suffer from this ....


24 HR Prevacid may be the answer for you if you suffer from frequent heartburn symptoms. 

Ask yourself this:
  • Do you have burning pain in your chest, bitter acid in your throat, or bitter acid taste in your mouth?
  • Do fatty/greasy foods, coffee & juice, spicy food and tomatoes or eating make heartburn worse?
  • Do you typically expereince heartburn symptoms at least 2 or more times a week?
  • Have you tried to change your eating habits to avoid heartburn?
  • Do you commonly take antacids (tums or rolaids)?
If so... 24HR Prevacid may be the answer!

24HR Prevacid works at the source to prevent the acid that causes frequent heartburn.
One pill a day, lasts 24 hrs.
**Be sure to discuss this product with your doctor before taking.
Plus, you can earn $75 in dining & entertainment rewards PLUS $12 in coupon savings annually!
visit www.Prevacid24HR.com/Perks to join today

~~~I received a product sample as a member of bzzagent in order to fascilitate this review.  All opinions are 100% mine and I received no further compensation.

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