Thursday, February 26, 2009

Check this out . . .

Do you like buying American?
Do you prefer to support companies who employee Americans?
Do you try to live an eco-friendly life?
Do you love handbags?

Then have I got something to share with you.

Olive Juice Bags are funky, original handbags that are made in the USA. And better yet the prices are designed so the Average Joe's wife can afford to buy.

"Olive juice bags are eco-friendly because the company has found a way to utilize overrun fabric and to prevent it from being thrown away. repurposing the fabric into a functional and fashionable product means less waste in the landfills. because of this, many of the bags are unique: five-of-a kind, two-of-a kind or even one-of-a kind."

"Olive juice is also a socially-conscious company that supports real-wage jobs. Local families benefit from jobs provided by companies that manufacture in the US.

For your chance to win one of these gorgeous bags, check them out

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

FREE eats anyone?

Visit Censible Sawyer (another terrific Tennesseean) to register for your chance to win a wonderful dinner from Pizza Hut. One lucky person will win a free meal of Tuscani Lasagne and 5 breadsticks.

Today is National Pancake Day at IHOP which means from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. you can get a free short stack (3 ) of buttermilk pancakes for FREE. Just remember to make a donation to Children's Miracle Network.

Monday, February 23, 2009

A new give away from Frugal & Fabulous

Be sure to visit her great blog and enter the contest to win a beautiful necklace.
You can catch her here frugal & fabulous

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Saturday - Studying ahead for the week.

Everyone agrees that meal planning is one of the number one ways to cut your costs. So here goes:

Today (Sat) : lunch - frozen pizza
dinner - Terriyaki Chicken over rice

(Sun): lunch - Roast chicken, stuffing, broccoli & cauliflower salad, homemade rolls
dinner - fend for yourself
**Church gets out late so lunch is always our big meal of the day.

weekdays kids are in school so they either pack or buy school lunch.
(Mon): dinner - Roast w/ potatoes & carrots, and homemade rolls
(Tues): dinner - Pork Chops, baby potatoes, greenbeans, and biscuits
(Wed): dinner - Hamburger steaks, french fries, and salad
(Thurs): dinner - Polish Sausage, creamed corn, soup beans, and corn bread
(Fri): Going out of town not sure if we will eat out or at home!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Mail bag this week!

This week's mail has been kind of fun. Not too many bills = Yeah! I got a two full size products from Tom's of Maine, $5 VIP certificate from BarS, 2 FREE panties from Victoria Secret, and a bunch of misc. Q's. You can sure bet these babies will be put to good use. It's so much nicer to go the mailbox when you get goodies like this instead of yucky old bills all the time.

A few FREEBIES from todays shopping Trip!

Really needed to get out of the house and get some therapy. Shopping therapy that is! And, I knew that I had some Q's that could score me some freebies. FREEBIE shopping is always the best therapy I just love the look on the cashier face when she realizes you just got a bunch of stuff for FREE. I stopped by WalMart to snag : 6 mini J&J first aid kids, 1 12-ct Schick disposable razor, 2 no-nonsense hose, 1 3-pk durex, and 3 x GG Chicken Terriyaki dinner kits. So as not to go in the negative, I also grabbed a loaf of bread. Total spent at WalMart = $3.32

CVS = 2 x Colgate = FREE + got back $5.98 in ECB (note to self - go back tomorrow for more free colgate and look for the neutrogena bars)

I also did some grocery shopping which didn't go quite so well but still I only spent $60.75 at Krogers. I still have $35.93 out of my $100/week grocery budget.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Another great give-away

Smashbox EyeShadow Give-Away!

For your chance to win this please check out

You better hurry you only have until tomorrow Friday, February 20 Midnight!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Another way to earn a little extra!

I recently learned of a search engine that helps you earn points to cash in for gift cards. People have reportedly earned enough points to cash in quickly. If you are interested check it out by clicking on the link below and registering.


Monday, February 16, 2009

Frugal and Fabulous is having a super great giveaway. Go check it out! She is giving away the cutes Carolyn's Kitchen Sweetheart Apron valued at $42.

Sunday, February 15, 2009


I received the following e-mail from the Valentines Contest winner:

"I received the beautiful smelling rose petals in the mail. Thank-you so much for the giveaway and wishing you a fantastic day :)"

Glad you got them before Valentines!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Krogers Haul

I love Krogers!
Look what I got for $30.59 after tax
and coupons.
I had a savings of $72.81
~Nice Haul~
2 cottonelle
1 hefty plates
4 12-ct poptarts
2 gallon milk
1 heft trashbags
1 1/2 lb grapes
1 scrubbing bubbles shower cleaner
1 pledge wipes, 2 reese whips, 1 oreo, 1 box muffin mix, 1 eggo waffles, and 23 boxes of pizza rolls

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Absolutely Beautiful

We are under tornado warning now. Suddenly the sky turned a strange color of orange and my DD looked outside and and yelled for me to come see. This is what we saw... a beautiful rainbow stretching across the sky... we could see the entire thing! WOW! I am so scared of storms but when I see such a beautiful site as this I am reminded of God's promises!

WAGS deals

Thanks to another blogger (sorry I can't remember which one) I found these super great deals
After Q's and MIR the cleaning supplies are totally FREE and the Starbucks chocolates came out to $1 each + my DD13 had to get her sweetie a little card (darn thing cost more than two bags of the chocolate). To find the IP's check this link rightathome.

Quick shopping trip today!

Look what $12.40 cents can buy!

I had coupons to get the kiwi, string cheese, salad, popcicles, cupcakes, and SunnyD all FREE! Poor cashier about had a stroke.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Another great mail day!

No bills again WOO HOO! Look what I got instead:

A bunch of coupons for freebies.

We were snowed in last week so I took some time to contact some companies to let them know that I enjoyed their product. These Q's for FREE items and some high values were a gift from the companies thanking me for letting them know I appreciate their jobs well done.

What a great Opportunity!

"Cent"sible Sawyer (love that name) is having an awesome giveaway on her blog. For your chance to win an I-pod Touch rush over and check out her out.

Frugal and Fabulous is having a super nice giveaway too! For your chance to win a Karen Neuburger Tickled Pink Long Sleeve Cardigan PJ Set (retail $72) go on over and check it out for your chance to win.

Contest Winner

Congratulations to Tamara! You are the winner of the Valentines contest. I am e-mailing you now. You have 24 hours to get back to me with your mailing info or else tomorrow at 8 a.m. EST I will choose another winner. Thanks to everyone for checking out my blog drop back by soon for another chance to win a special prize.

(10:20 a.m. 2/9) I just received this e-mail message from Tamara: WOW, thank-you so much for the wonderful giveaway and I bet they smell just heavenly! Wishing you a beautiful day and a very Happy Valentine's Day : ) So the package is being shipped to her in Florida today!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

FREE gas

My local grocery store is giving rewards for shopping! FREE gas.

Yesturday's Mail Bag!

Some really nice goodies. My son is having a birthday and the local grocery store sent him a card with a coupon for a free birthday cake, free jello singles, and a free childs admittance to Dixie Stampede. I also got a $10 CVS gift card from MYPoints, and a set of 6 free valentines w/envies. And best of all absolutely no bills!

Freebies at CVS this week

These were FREE using the $2/2 coupons from a few weeks ago.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Valentines Special

In celebration of Valentines Day, I decided to host a giveaway to brighten someone else's day. If you would like a chance to win this heart shaped box of Rose scented bath petals please post a comment here with an e-mail contact. I will accept entries until Monday, February 9th and then pick a winner through a random drawing. I will then e-mail the winner and give them 24 hrs. to contact me with their mailing info. After 24 hours, if the winner hasn't responded I will choose another. Good luck everyone!
Contest is now over - Tamara is the winner unless she fails to respond by e-mail before 8 a.m. tomorrow at which time another winner will be chosen! Thanks to all who entered. Check back often to what's new and for more exciting give-aways!

My best tips for saving

1. Just because you have a coupon doesn't mean you have to use it.
2. Try to wait to match sales with coupons.
3. Compare sizes and prices, usually go with the smaller package to get the most bang for your buck.
4. Get multiples of coupons that you know you'll use.
5. Think outside the box. This means change the way you shop. You will be surprised by all the great deals to be had at the drug store. Did you ever think you'd buy your milk, bread, cereal or laundry detergeant, toilet paper, shampoo, etc... at the drug store? Well you can and will get it cheaper once you learn the ropes to shopping CVS, Walgreens, and Rite Aide.
6. My number one tip is check out If you are serious about saving start reading the forums and learn the ropes. There are even shopping scenarios posted with coupon match-ups! This site is a treasure trove!

Check this out!

My coupon friend "guru" is having an awesome give-away and you may just win! She is giving away Oso*Fresh™ Food Storage Containers which could help you save tons of money every year by helping your produce stay fresh. Go check it out at jane4girls blog. While you are there browse around and you will find that Jane better known as Erin is an expert shopper. She is so good that she only has an $800 per year budget for groceries, hba, cleaning/household, and get this ----} eating out. Now how cool is that? Want to know how she does it? She details her journey in great detail on her blog so make sure you take a few minutes and read her story.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

basket trip at Target

I made a quick Target basket trip while my daughter was at dance class. This is what I got for $3.78 (two toaster strudels, 1 mini delights, 3 Kotex, and 1 revlon nail clipper w/bonus file)

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Dollar Store Deals

5 x Electrosol $3 each - $2.50 Q x 5
5 x Kotex $1 each - $1 Q x 5
5 x marcal paper towels $1 each - $1 Q x 5
total $27.43 - Q's = $4.93

** too bad we have 9.75% sales tax

January 31st - Nice Haul

First stop Target
10 x Digiorno pizzas
5 x coke 2-liter
5 x sprite 2-liter
5 x kotex $1 Q x 5
3 x johnson's buddies $2 & $1 Q
1 HE mouse FREE
4 x 12-ct poptart $1/2 x 2 Q
2 x south beach bars $2/1 Q x 2 1 x Kashi bars $2/1 Q
total w/tax after Q's - 55.48

9 x nesquick chocolate milk (rnchk).50x9
Q2 x cottonelle .50 x 2 Q
2 J&J buddies $2 Q
4 x Rotelle .30 x 4 Q
4 x Kraft shredded cheeses .75 x 4 Q
1 x Kraft singles .75 Q
4 x frenches mustard .40 x 4 Q
2 x totinos pizza rolls (bags) .35 x 2 Q
4 x GG valley fresh steamers .50 x 4 Q
3 x sourcream .50 x 3 Q
4 x chilli .55/2 x 2 Q
2 x nature valley granola bars .50 x 2 Q
2 x wheat thins $1/2 Q

All .50 and under double.
Plus the mega deal Save $5 off purchase of 10 qualifiers (limit 3 times)
total w/tax after Q's - $17.03
Plus got back $2 ONYO

Life is expensive

Life is Expensive

The title says it all! Life is expensive! With three kids, I am always trying to figure out ways to cut corners in order to be able to afford more. One way that I have been successful in cutting corners is couponing. I found last year that I was able to save $$ by clipping and trading coupons. I quickly learned to shop sales and stockpile items that I got FREE or for pennies. In doing so, I was able to stock up on HBA and household/cleaning items last January and actually made it through almost an entire year without buying these items again. Can you imagine having enough toothpaste, soap, deoderant, shampoo, dish detergeant, toilet paper, laundry detergeant, etc. to last for an entire year? Even better, can you imagine getting it for FREE or pennies? Well, I did it and so can you.

This year (2009) I decided to limit my spending to $100 a week which will include all food, hba, and household/cleaning products. During the month of January I was quite successful at doing this so I decided to try to blog my experience. This is a picture of a very successful shopping trip in January. Can you believe I got all of this for $13.47 - (1 gallon of Mayfield milk, 2 big bags of M&M's, box of Valentine Nerds, 2 bottles of Tide, 2 jars of Skippy peanut butter, 2 jars of Ragu, 1 500-ct box of Ibuprofen, 1 box of childrens meltaway ibuprofen,
1 box of Lorna Doones, 4 powerades, 1 6-pk of Pepsi, 2 Lays potato chips, 1 bag of Doritoes, 1 3-pk Orbit gum, 1/2 lb. of turkey deli meat, 1/2 lb. or beef bologna deli meat, 5 lb. red potatoes, 5 lb. mineolas, 2 lb. bananas, loaf of bread, 2 throat soothers, 1 nasogel, and a pack of beef jerkey. Now I myself think that was a great shopping trip.
I am in hopes that I can use this blog to help my friends figure out the deals.