Friday, February 20, 2009

A few FREEBIES from todays shopping Trip!

Really needed to get out of the house and get some therapy. Shopping therapy that is! And, I knew that I had some Q's that could score me some freebies. FREEBIE shopping is always the best therapy I just love the look on the cashier face when she realizes you just got a bunch of stuff for FREE. I stopped by WalMart to snag : 6 mini J&J first aid kids, 1 12-ct Schick disposable razor, 2 no-nonsense hose, 1 3-pk durex, and 3 x GG Chicken Terriyaki dinner kits. So as not to go in the negative, I also grabbed a loaf of bread. Total spent at WalMart = $3.32

CVS = 2 x Colgate = FREE + got back $5.98 in ECB (note to self - go back tomorrow for more free colgate and look for the neutrogena bars)

I also did some grocery shopping which didn't go quite so well but still I only spent $60.75 at Krogers. I still have $35.93 out of my $100/week grocery budget.

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