Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Life is expensive

Life is Expensive

The title says it all! Life is expensive! With three kids, I am always trying to figure out ways to cut corners in order to be able to afford more. One way that I have been successful in cutting corners is couponing. I found last year that I was able to save $$ by clipping and trading coupons. I quickly learned to shop sales and stockpile items that I got FREE or for pennies. In doing so, I was able to stock up on HBA and household/cleaning items last January and actually made it through almost an entire year without buying these items again. Can you imagine having enough toothpaste, soap, deoderant, shampoo, dish detergeant, toilet paper, laundry detergeant, etc. to last for an entire year? Even better, can you imagine getting it for FREE or pennies? Well, I did it and so can you.

This year (2009) I decided to limit my spending to $100 a week which will include all food, hba, and household/cleaning products. During the month of January I was quite successful at doing this so I decided to try to blog my experience. This is a picture of a very successful shopping trip in January. Can you believe I got all of this for $13.47 - (1 gallon of Mayfield milk, 2 big bags of M&M's, box of Valentine Nerds, 2 bottles of Tide, 2 jars of Skippy peanut butter, 2 jars of Ragu, 1 500-ct box of Ibuprofen, 1 box of childrens meltaway ibuprofen,
1 box of Lorna Doones, 4 powerades, 1 6-pk of Pepsi, 2 Lays potato chips, 1 bag of Doritoes, 1 3-pk Orbit gum, 1/2 lb. of turkey deli meat, 1/2 lb. or beef bologna deli meat, 5 lb. red potatoes, 5 lb. mineolas, 2 lb. bananas, loaf of bread, 2 throat soothers, 1 nasogel, and a pack of beef jerkey. Now I myself think that was a great shopping trip.
I am in hopes that I can use this blog to help my friends figure out the deals.

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