Monday, January 10, 2011

I give up on Walgreens! CONTEST

My Walgreens never gets anything straight!
So I give up!
Everytime I go in to do a deal if it involves more than one item or one coupon things get screwed up. So, I have a $1.50 RR to give to one lucky reader. Just post below that you are interested in using this RR and on Wed Jan 12th I will draw a lucky winner and pop it in the mail. It expires on the 20th.
You must check back here to find out if you win and post with your email addie.


  1. Oh I would love to win... I agree they arer very hard to work with but I would still like to make use of it!! denisewmomof3 @ gmail dot com

  2. Oh I think I could use it. Thanks!

  3. Thanks for the chance

  4. Only four comments? Wow!

    The winner is lucky #three which is Edina
    Please reply here with an email to contact you for addie.