Monday, December 3, 2012

Nutcracker Reception

My daughter dances in the Nutcracker performance every year.  There is always a reception for the dancers and their families.  This year I was so thrilled to share some of my new favorite things at the reception.

Everyone loved the Private Selection jalepeno stuffed olives.  I served them along with Private Selection sharp cheddar cheese on Private Selection branded cracker/wafers.  I also picked up my absolute favorite which is the Private Selection marinara sauce and served it with some warm breadsticks from Olive Garden LOL.  I know it sounds like I keep repeating myself BUT these are my new favorite things :)  I can't stop eating them LOL!

I've had so many people comment on how much they love them too :)  I enjoy the shocked look on their faces when I tell them Private Selection is a Kroger brand.

I'd like to thank BuzzAgent for hooking me up with the campaign.  It has made my holiday entertaining and participating in holiday parties/events so much easier.  I know exactly what to take.

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